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Kawasan CanyoneeringKawasan Canyoneering

Canyoneering and kawasan falls with Transfers from Cebu City

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✓Roundtrip pick up and drop off from hotel ( Cebu City and Mactan )
Lunch ( 3 Main dish, 1 soup, Unlimited Rice, softdrinks or bottled water)
With Entrances
With Trekking Guide
Visit Matutinao and Canlaob River
With Canyoning
Life Vest
Exit Fee
Habal Habal ride going to jump off
Dry Bag
Kawasan Falls Side trip (Level 1, 2 and 3)
Bamboo Rafting at Kawasan falls
Cottage at Kawasan falls
Free Kawasan Falls Massage
Local Guide at Kawasan Falls
Rubber Shoes
Personalized Assistance by our team


14 persons and aboveContact us

Any stop over that are not part of the itinerary is subject to Php 350/hour per vehicle.


Pick up time : Between 4:00 AM to 5:00 AM ( Guest will choose )
Tour duration: 10 hours

What to Bring / Tour Tips

  • Swimwear
  • A change of clothes
  • Sun hat
  • Toiletries
  • Towel for showering
  • Bottled Water
  • Sunblock
Private Tour

Select no. of guests, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

66 reviews for Canyoneering and kawasan falls with Transfers from Cebu City

  1. Louie P. Perpetua

    I had so much fun in the jumping, climbing up and down and slide challenges. The water was so cold and it was relaxing. I love all the sceneries, the trees, the rock formations everything. I would love to come back with a lot of friends for them to enjoy too. And I am thankful to the tour guides who were kind and jolly. It was really an amazing experience and I will always be thankful to God for giving this beautiful nature.

  2. Maridi Talamera Santamaria

    We had a great experience canyoneering and our guide was awesome! Galing mag kuha ng pictures ? It was really tiring but very fun. Thank you po sa staff niyo! Great service ????

  3. Maria Grasya Manligues Placeros

    extreme adventure, the best staff

  4. Keith Usher

    Great location, great staff, great adventure

  5. Michael Ballesteros Estroga

    It’s one of the best adventures that I’ve tried. Everything about Badian is just so amazing. I am still in awe after that fun-filled activity. Special shoutout to our guide, Kuya Melvin, for the extra care and superb assistance. I highly recommend that you should request for his assistance too. Thanks to the whole team behind this adventure.

  6. Virra Jazella

    amazing place!! had so much fun

  7. Ella Alladem – Lorenzo

    SUUUUUPER LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT! They were very accommodating despite the last minute slot reservation. � Our group had AWESOME guides. They had great balance in terms of enjoyment and safety.�Thanks kua jojo and kua merso! The videos and pictures were also handled well which is a plus. It’s another adventure off my bucketlist and definitely an adventure you shouldn’t miss in cebu. This is definitely worth it!!�

  8. Wilfred Lopez Alberca

    super fun and super adventure
    experience the natural adventure

  9. Pauline Yehn

    Definitely picked the perfect tours! Cant believe they took care of us even though we are a group of stubborn young adults 🙂 not to mention we are 22. A shout out to our guides, Jam, Jojo, Dondon and Glen! You guys are the best!!
    And, We will definitely come back of course! I just cant get enough of those jumping off cliffs and all. This is surely a must-experience thing for a Filipino, I felt so lucky to be in the Philippines <3
    Thanks guys! For taking care of us and for being organized and patient 🙂 more power to your company!

  10. Bill Smith

    5 star

  11. FunkyBambi Lu

    Really nice guides, with pick up and drop off from Cebu city. Suggest to prepare your own rubber shoes or sneakers better. Always keeps an eye on us, they make us feel safe. Also help us to make videos and pictures. We enjoy the trip a lot!

  12. Ivy Villanueva

    Me and my children have hiked different places in America but this place is really amazing, there is a firm connection with nature, my 11 year old helped me counquer my fears. I highly recommend it. My 18 and 14 y/o enjoyed it too.

  13. Tin Tin

    lehitimo! we’d got what we paid for! superb! kuddos to dondon as our guide na madaming bitbit na baon na kakulitan, kudos to sir isau whom he communicated us until the start of the activity & shared his family house wherein every guests are allowed to leave their bag packs & can use their bathroom afterwards.

    guest: 11.2.16

  14. Aizel Mae F. Tiba

    4 star

  15. Kanisha Angelicka B. Castante

    4 star

  16. Xie Ling

    Everything went smooth. A must to do in Cebu. We’ll be back.

  17. Artual Judelyn

    Best Adventure Ever. Worth it. Thank you to our Best Tour Guide ever Kuya Melvin and Jojo. Thank you for the unforgettable experience Ever

  18. PRince Bey Puma

    Best travel experience of my life!!..its a total package of adventure & thrilling.. I salute the tourguides for giving their best for there guest!!!

  19. Joana Corpuz-Bon

    Thank you sa the best naming tour guide na si Kuya Melvin at Kuya Jojo.
    Sobrang hands on sila lalo na’t may kasama kaming bata

  20. Den Polenio

    I’m speechless. Kuya Melvin and Jojo, sobrang babait and caring niyo po! Your team made our Cebu Adventure so complete! Mabuhay kayo! � For sure we will recommend you guys to others! � Daghang Salamat!

  21. Marycle Merlan

    Bucket list done! Too far but its worth it! “Jam” our tour guide made us feel safe as possible, his very trustworthy and kind. Great place with awesome environment ,my boyfriend and I had enjoy the whole activity. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  22. Car Yumul

    It was hassle free and all the people from reservation, drivers and tour guides were amazing. Totally enjoyed our trip. Galing kumuha ng shots ng tour guides namin. Thank you Kuya Jojo and Kuya Melvin. Highly recommend!

  23. Kishang Rocero Diaz

    It was great experience. Intense activities and refreshing view. Kuya Dondon and Vem are the best tour guides ever! Hahaha

  24. Carla De Vera

    We are very satisfied with their service! Hassle free reservation and very kind staff & tour guide/ photographer (Dondon), Hi Kuya! 😉 Will definitely recommend this tour! 🙂

  25. Reny Joy Bolante – Ortula

    Super enjoy! We had our tour last October. My friend and I experienced canyoneering at its finest! Sir Isau and his team are very accommodating! 🙂 Hats off to our guide Kuya Melvin. 🙂 Will definitely recommend this tour!

  26. Rachelle Joy Perez Escoba

    My first ever adventure experience
    Most memorable. At first i was hesitate to do the Canyooneering but when i was there wow amazing i conquer my fear i jump, full of exciting experience
    Big thanks to our tour guide miko and mat

  27. Doods Calabia

    Hi. I just want to thank you for the wonderful canyoneering experience. It was awesome. Special thanks to our guides Jam and Vinz, they never failed to entertain us. Will highly recommend your group to my friends.

  28. Niño Roel Dela Cruz

    One of a kind experience that will make you feel tired yet full of fun and amazing nature encounter. Our group was guided by Kuya Yoyoy and Kuya Alex who made our canyoneering experience a very awesome one.

  29. Desiree Mae Bernal

    It was the best adventure we had! Canyoneering with whaleshark watching, Thanks for the experience! Especially yung tour guide namin grabe ang sipag magpicture ni kuya napakabait at lage talagang nakaalalay samin ! On time lahat Van at ang activity masarap din ung niserved samin na food sa Kawasan Falls! Thankyou also Smartway Travel and tour!

    Lovelots! From Me, John Louie Lopez, Zyron Dale

  30. Hannah Obzunar

    Thank You sir Isau and Sir Mark. Ang bait nyo po. And sobrang sulit ng package. Worth it to gave 5 stars � Thank you din kay Kuya Jo sa pag guide sa amin and providing good safety tips and worth taking pictures. We super love it. Thanks!

  31. Jovina Gia Marquez Porazo

    The best adventure that Ive tried � and super bait pa ng tour guide namin na si kuya marti � he make sure always na safe kami, and because of him sobrang ganda ng mga pictures namin �

    Best day na pumunta dito is monday, dahil konti lang tao �

  32. Donabel Tagubanza Binuya

    It was awesome. Kuya Jonel (guide) is very accommodating and kind.

  33. Divine Grace

    We had so much fun…an experience of a lifetime together with my family and to be cherished indeed…thank you

  34. Enrique King Cervantes Tuma-ob

    The best escape from stress and pressure. It’s very challenging and the right thing to conquer your fears.

  35. Mark Villamor

    You’ll definetely want to come back if you’ll try this adventure.

  36. Ayesh

    Perfect Adventure!

  37. 蘇尚恩


  38. Tour semi

    It’s a place where you can feel the nature of nature that comes out hand in hand even after fighting.

  39. 샥스핀

    다이빙을 실컷 할 수 있고 사진도 잘 찍어 줌

  40. ra Ra


  41. 유영현

    이뿌다 현지에서예약하면 1인1400페소이다.
    꼭한국에서 예약안하고 가도된다

  42. Gel Sarmiento

    One of the best experience! SOLID iCanyon the best canyoneering guides sarap pa ng foods after ng canyoneering! ? at kudos dahil tinulungan nila boyfriend ko to surprise me after canyoneering

  43. Olly S.

    Very cool, but good physical fitness is needed

  44. Chloe Chung


  45. mustafa çaktumak

    Very nice place to see

  46. 이치영

    클룩에서 계약한 업체인 듯. 가이드 친절, 샤워시설 및 화장실 괜찮음. 점심식사시 뷰도 좋음.

  47. Gabe


  48. ᄆᄆᄆ

    되게 힘들고 집에 언제가나 하지만 세상 신나고 즐거움

  49. 玫瑰Momo


  50. 李宜亭


  51. Shin-Chia Hsu

    Kawasan falls is I think the most interesting places in Cebu

  52. Ian Jung

    힘들었지만 재밌었음. 하루 코스지만 그 뒤에 이틀은 몸살로 보내야함.

  53. 이봉래

    깨끗한 물, 멋진풍경. 액티비티 최고

  54. Kicheol Shin

    최고의 액디비티

  55. 오정민

    한번쯤 해볼만한 경험

  56. 두집머리

    I’m really excited. Falling by the waterfall, the diving height was 13 meters. I still remember the trembling at that time. But old people who don’t exercise normally will be hard. Don’t forget that this is not all about diving and it’s Santa down for three hours. I walk more than I thought. There is a zip line at the entrance, but if you do not ride it, you can walk. Do you look thinner, but other

  57. Kim Younghun

    바디안 캐녀닝은 잊을 수 없는 환사

  58. iluvtravelling dotcom

    It is an adventure that is very suitable for people like me. I have to walk the waterfall to the waterfall. Standing on the edge of the high rise, but to climb to swim, but very clear cliffs, but the cliff is very high. Tired This is the first time I’ve ever seen this. Where do you go? Have fun, have fun, book tours, include a shuttle and light meals with English speaking staff.

  59. 윤선생의 체육교실

    물이 깨끗한고 시원

  60. Daniel Gomez Marin

    Excellent place for adventurers, but it is not for everyone, it is dangerous and you have to have strength and physical state

  61. إبداعي بيدي

    مكان جميل جدا في سيبو يستحق الزيارة
    استعد للمغامرة والقفز من مستويات مختلفة
    المشي والصعود المناظر الخلابة

  62. Max Wang


  63. Alberto Salto Lorenzo

    An unforgettable experience, totally recommendable

  64. Ирина Соловицкая

    Cool place! Suitable for different levels of physical fitness. Beautiful views around and children’s delight will accompany you throughout the trip.

  65. MJ Park

    자연을 몸소 경험할수 있는 좋은 장소

  66. Toni W

    It was an incredible experience. Trekking along the waterfall with jumps from some 12 meters height. Bring your own shoes (aquaschuhe) and a drybag

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